Bella Thorne’s Skincare Routine is So Wrong… Here’s Why

This video isn’t new. Harper’s BAZAAR released Bella Thorne’s nighttime skincare routine in August, but every now and again while searching for new ways to improve my skin texture and acne scars this video gets recommended to me. I’ve watched it a few times and each view brings me closer to a fit of total rage.

At 10 minutes long, I’m not going to comment on all of the points that Bella makes in her video, but I DID want to touch on a few that have infuriated me the most… and why they’re false.

“I struggled with cystic acne for a very long time and was on Accutane for 2 years. Nothing really worked for me on that level. I went to every different dermatologist and basically got done everything that you could do to your face.”

That’s one of the quotes from the video, and the one I want to focus on the most. In addition to Accutane, Bella also admits to routinely doing micro-needling (although she doesn’t mention how often). She claims Accutane did nothing for her, and that she went to every dermatologist she could to try and cure her skin troubles. She claims the natural method is the only thing that has worked for her, and has minimized her skincare routine to using the occasional cherry or avocado face mask, no moisturizer, and a daily scrub that consists of olive oil, sugar, and coconut oil.

That’s the summary of the whole video. What is upsetting to me is how in the first minute she has scared viewers into believing a drug like Accutane does nothing because if it didn’t work for Bella Thorne in the two years she was on it after visiting countless highly rated and expensive LA dermatologists, how could it work for anyone else?

She says her sugar scrub is what has helped her skin the most, which is appalling. She goes so far as to say that it has even helped her acne scars. Sis, the only thing that has helped to fade your acne scars is micro needling. Don’t lie.

I’m on Accutane right now for my cystic, problematic skin that has tormented me for the last five years steadily. I’m doing 40mg daily but I started with 20mg. I’ll finish in April (so 8 months). Bella is about my height and weight. If she did Accutane for 2 years with the same low dosing I’m doing (to minimize side effects), she would have done between 2 and 3 ROUNDS of Accutane. It’s a possibility that her acne did not go away entirely after the first round, which is why she proceeded to do a second round… and maybe even the third round to help completely remove any remaining blemishes. Accutane doesn’t just remove your cystic acne, it also completely changes your skin’s appearance and texture. It removes redness and scarring, shrinks pores and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines. From the looks of the video, there is no way that Bella’s flawless complexion is from a sugar scrub. It’s from Accutane and micro needling, the only two proven effective ways to improve the appearance of your complexion over time.

She plugs these “natural home remedies” of hers as the only thing that will help your acne. It’s terrible because stigma like what Bella is spreading is the reason I didn’t go on Accutane sooner. Don’t let her video and words fool you – Accutane is highly effective and the only way to cure cystic and severe acne, and the side effects can be managed well as long as you talk to your doctor. It’s the reason Bella’s skin looks so nice.

Also, don’t exfoliate daily with sugar… exfoliate with a mild scrub that won’t hurt your skin or tear it. Be gentle with your under-eye area and take time to moisturize because that’s what your skin needs the most to stay healthy. And cherries provide lots of antioxidants if you eat them… not if you smear them on your face.

When I started going out to LA I was in a sort of total shock when I walked around and admired the people around me. Large sunglasses, puffy lips and perfect skin. It looked shiny and tight with not a pimple in sight. I have a few friends that are in the industry and I vividly remember asking them what the secret was and how everyone looked so flawless. The answer was Accutane. Nobody talks about it out there but anybody who has invested time in living in LA or visiting on a frequent basis has done at least one round of Accutane. It’s as common as getting a tattoo. Just… nobody talks about it.

I should have jumped straight on the drug then, but I hesitated because of the negative things I’d heard online. This was five years ago and thankfully the world has come a long way. Don’t let Bella Thorne or false information or fears of symptoms come between you and clear skin.. please. Because I did that and I’m paying the price of scarring that will cost money and time to remove.

So, message me with questions or concerns! Be kind! x

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