Accutane Update Day 65

Hello there!

I haven’t written in a little because life is drowning me. I’m also not sure how so much time has flown by. I looked at my calendar today while scheduling out the rest of my week and noticed that it’s been just over 2 months of me taking Accutane. I’ve neglected taking progress photos because if I’m honest, the last month has been difficult. I’ve felt my skin is making stubborn progress, that with every clear patch on my face, a new cyst is not far behind, about to erupt.


The photo above was taken two days ago. Here is a photo from September 25th to compare:


What these photos don’t show very well is texture. I now have no active cysts on my skin… the first time I’ve been able to say that in at least 5 years. My face may look more red now, but I’m happy to report that it’s all scarring and hyper-pigmentation. Even more exciting, I asked my dermatologist about scarring and how I could reduce mine after Accutane. He came over to me with a light and examined both of my cheeks, and told me I had very minimal scarring. I had no pits, no grooves, and no real “dents” in my skin that they would want to correct. I have pigmentation, but that will fade with time. Until then, I was quite literally instructed to just keep my skincare routine clean and minimal and use foundation when I want to. That’s it.

I’m stunned that I don’t have more damage. I’ve been cruel and unkind to my skin the last few years, constantly picking and scrubbing my poor pores until they were bleeding. I’m a picker, and I (shamefully) always have been. The fact that it hasn’t left me with more permanent damage is a miracle. I’m very lucky.

I’m going to do a skincare routine soon. The only other thing to report is that I’m now dosing at 20mg and 40mg alternating everyday. I leave in 3 weeks to get engaged and will be on video and taking photos constantly. It’s in an effort to really push to get my skin looking as clear as possible. So far, there haven’t been major ramifications with doubling my dose every other day. I did find that I cannot even have one single glass of wine, however, because I get a major hangover the next day (due to dehydration, I’m sure) and that my skin peels more from dryness. I’ll take it all if it means I can be clear and confident at last.

Thanks for reading and as always, get in touch with any questions or comments. x

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