Park City To-Do!

I moved away from Park City roughly a year ago, but spent almost 8 years of my life there. I’m lucky and privileged enough to have lived in such a gorgeous and quaint little town, because living in a destination location is amazing. Park City has it’s downsides, but I wanted to share a small list of activities for travelers to do this holiday season while traversing Park City, specifically, Historic Main Street! I did write this for a couple 21+ traveling together, so just keep that in mind.

Places to Eat. 

The Eating Establishment is a must for breakfast but it’s usually pretty packed so go as early in the morning as you can.

Visit No Name Saloon. It’s integral to Main Street and you can split a beer and a burger, and there’s a cute heated bench outside you can sit on and people watch from after you eat. (Especially romantic at night if it’s snowing!)

High West has a saloon and “The Nelson Cottage” which is for food. I haven’t tried the Cottage because it’s new, but High West is a big part of Main Street’s history so it’s worth it to check out, maybe for a quick drink or some fries. The Cottage could be a great dinner option.

Atticus is an adorable coffee shop at the bottom of main that serves little treats and really good tea. Their hot chocolate is to die for. 

Another option for food is Vinto. It’s Italian and quaint, and less expensive. It’s more family friendly so beware of that. 

CAFE TERIGO. I love this place for a romantic and cozy night out. It’s so adorable in the winter. It’s been years since I went but from what I can recall, their food is tasty and not overpriced. There are quotes on the walls and everything gets all dim and dreamy at night. It’s a little ways up the street from No Name. 

Firewood is new but it’s supposedly really good. It would also be a cute idea for dinner. 

Yuki Yama is a great lunch option if you want sushi or noodles. Dinner is overpriced. 

AVOID Grappa, the Red Banjo and Harvest. All of them are tourist traps and overcharge/mediocre service. 

Things to do!

There are so many beautiful art galleries on Main that you can stumble into while sipping hot chocolate. For shopping there is a Flight Boutique which is so cute, Mary Jane’s, Athleta, and an Urban Outfitters which is brand new. I recommend checking out the boutiques over chain stores though. 

If you need to warm up and don’t mind being inside for a bit, you can do the Park City Museum tour. It’s a fun hour to kill. Keep in mind to check their hours because I recall them being wonky. It’s $17 or so per person. 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory doubles as a book store called Dolly’s Bookstore. It’s SO CUTE I definitely recommend stopping into the chocolate factory to get some treats and then wandering through the book store. There are a few cats that roam around, and lots of trinkets and books that are exclusive to Dolly’s because it’s an independent store. 

Check out the Egyptian Theatre to see if there are any shows you can watch while you’re in town. Often they have really cool stuff playing.

The Downstairs is a bar/night club on Main that is actually pretty happening.. I mean for Utah anyway. You can dance and hang out, and don’t necessarily have to purchase an overpriced drink. Maybe just stop in to dance. It’s pretty dark and usually packed, but if the urge overtakes you to go to a club.. it’s pretty fun!

There’s also ski lifts that you can buy tickets for and go up the mountain on. These tickets are pricier but the view and adorableness of the date can’t really be beat. Just dress warm and avoid at all costs if it’s windy that day.

Old Town Cellars and High West both do alcohol tours. High West doesn’t just do liquor but also does wine. These tours are pricey but if you look for coupons sometimes you get lucky.

Paint Mixer. This is such a fun family/group activity. I’ve done it several times and basically you drink and paint (although the drinking is optional!). And then you get to keep your works of art! So you’ll always remember but a fun time you had. You get 10% off your first class if you “exit” the website and then enter your email. – it’s $35 a person! (Without the cost of alcohol) 

Have fun and reach out if you have any questions! x

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