Bobbi Brown Makeup Review

I’ve worn makeup for about a decade now. I started with Bare Minerals because I was ONLY allowed to use powder products on my preteen skin, according to my mother, who believed liquid foundation clogged your pores.

My skin didn’t necessarily care if I was wearing makeup or not, it was still determined to breakout. As I progressed into late teens, it got much worse. Like a small bomb went off on the surface of my face and created red, sunken craters. I would routinely have at least two-three cystic nodules sitting on my cheeks, and by the time I reached my 20s, that number had quadrupled.

Due to the fact nothing cleared my hormonal acne, I did what else I could; get very experienced at makeup.

Over the years I’ve tried every foundation brand known to man, drugstore or other, in a quest to find the formula that would cover my imperfections, but also NOT look like I was not wearing several layers of paint on my skin.

This brings us to 2019. My skin has finally started to clear due to a much-needed and LONG overdue round of Accutane, and I’ve started to slowly replace every single makeup product in my bag with Bobbi Brown. It wasn’t even a transition I noticed until I realized most of my core pieces of beauty equipment had melded into the same brand, which prompted me to write this review. I will be sharing my thoughts on Bobbi Brown’s Nude Drama pallet, full-coverage foundation, primer, mascara, and concealer (not pictured).

Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 $47. Bobbi Brown’s foundation is not super full coverage, despite the name. Certainly not compared to Kat Von D or Marc Jacobs. However, it is buildable, and the finish is luminous and appears to be the perfect mix between dewy and matte for finish. As you wear it, it becomes progressively shinier over the day, but not overbearingly so, and it does not crease or become patchy in my experience (with my typical wear for the foundation exceeding 12 hours). If you need more coverage, use a brush instead of a beauty blender, and combine with a concealer to tackle trouble areas you might have. The finish is still unlike any other foundation I’ve tried, and the shade range is maybe not the most far-reaching, but it is good. For the price, I do think it’s worth it. A little goes a long way.

Vitamin Enriched Face Base – $60. This primer is AMAZING. I am never going to use another primer on my skin again. The price is expensive, but I believe it’s worth the investment. I wear makeup frequently and the jar of face base I purchased at the beginning of the year is lasting me into the fall with ease. (and I do not use this product sparingly) It really does feel like you’re giving your skin a cool drink of water when you apply this primer. Regardless if you have combination, oily, or dry skin, the face-base will work for you. It perfectly protects and moisturizes my skin (which is oily) and helps my makeup glide on with ease. My foundation really does look flawless with this primer, and lasts so much longer because of it. If you’re in doubt, buy a jar at Sephora and return it if you don’t like it… but at least give it a try.

Nude Drama Eyeshadow Pallet – $59. This is one of the Bobbi Brown products that I think is a miss. I couldn’t find it direct through the website, so I searched it on Sephora instead. I’ve purchased a lot of pallets in my day, and I just don’t think this is worth the price. While I love the shade range, the pigment just really isn’t there. The colors are on the chalkier side (the shimmers are nice, but not as creamy as I would have liked), and you have to layer and layer to get any kind of pigment to appear. This assists you in getting a softer look, but you have to really work to get any kind of color and to build your eyeshadow up. I still use it daily, but that’s because I’m so desperate to love it.

Eye Opening Mascara – $31. If you’re tired of scrubbing your eyes red at night in an attempt to remove every last bit of evidence of black from your lashes, taking fifteen minutes to do so, and if you’re tired of LOSING so many eyelashes in the process, then this product is for you. I’ve never worn an easier to remove mascara in my life. Night after night I take this product off by simply wetting a makeup wipe, holding it on my eyes, and then gently shifting the cloth back and forth. The mascara all but melts off, and leaves my lashes intact. WHICH in turn means my lashes stay longer and fuller. It’s a natural, minimally clumping mascara that opens my eyes up and adds so much length (and volume!). My only gripe is that there is some fallout throughout the day (a happy tradeoff if it means the removal is easy) and the applicator is very large. However, if you do make a mistake, just wait a few seconds and brush away any mascara dots with your fingernail or a spoolie. The mascara dries so quickly that it won’t be an issue. Love love love!!

Instant Full Cover Concealer – $31. This is a miss. While I’ve made it work in my makeup routine, the coverage just isn’t really there for this product. The price is too high for how small the bottle is, and the applicator is also poor at best – it’s stiff and unwieldy, and hardly picks up any product. There are much better concealers for the price (I love Naked Urban Decay) that will be less finicky to deal with.



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