Function of Beauty Review

This is not sponsored, btw. THEY HAVEN’T GOT ME YET.

I’ve been using this influencer-approved, hip and expensive shampoo line for the last six months now. My first order arrived before the summer, two bottles of creamsicle colored shampoo and conditioner, looking so smooth and pleasant I almost wanted to eat it. Like melted frosting. Or something.

So, the real question is if it works or not.

I’m not sure. I mean, I hope so. $50 for every 3-month shipment is more than I like to spend on my haircare, even if I can somewhat justify it because I never do any other pampering when it comes to my locks. I don’t dye my hair, or even really cut it (the phobia is real). Instead I just try to get it really long.

The big feature of Function of Beauty is that you can customize your shampoo to what you feel your scalp/hair needs. You can allegedly make the formula for wavy, dry hair, or oily fine hair, or thick, coiled locks that need a lot of hydration.

I say allegedly because being from a sales and marketing background, I know that it is possible for a product to be sold as several different products when it is in fact only one item. With how many options FoB offers it’s customers for shampoo customization, it leaves me wondering if it’s all not one formula that only varies depending on the color you want (or don’t want) and the rest is placebo effect. How can they possibly create and batch so many different products with, in some cases, such slight modifications? (ex. lengthening vs not lengthening)

This of course is just a hunch, and is not backed by any actual science or facts. From the two “different” formula’s I’ve received from FoB, I certainly don’t noticed much of a difference, other than color and smell (the first batch of soap was orange cream flavore- I MEAN SCENTED- and the second batch smells like cake and looks like pretty Pepto-Bismol).

So far, it seems to have the same non-effect on my hair. I wanted the shampoo and conditioner to help my hair grow and keep it moisturized without looking greasy. So far, it has stayed practically the same length, and just looks really oily 24 hours after I wash.

NOW. Who knows if this is my hair being stubborn, or if it’s the formula? I guess I can’t blame Function of Beauty. Certainly while using it I feel like a beauty influencer, and it does make my shower look substantially prettier and more put-together. It’s like Gucci for your hair. I guess??

I think you should give it a go at least once, though who knows if once is enough to make your hair “better”, and who knows if that’s because you’re receiving a pretty generic formula that you only think is customized. At the minimum, Function of Beauty makes me feel good, even at a $50 price tag.


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