How to be A VSCO Girl

VSCO girls. We love to hate them. With their perfectly tanned skin, “no makeup” makeup, scrunchies, Hydro-flasks, and oversized t-shirts. There is a lot of hate directed towards VSCO girls, and to be honest, I’m not sure why.

I consider myself part-VSCO girl. I’m not really tan enough or skinny enough or possibly even YOUNG enough (though I do look 12 by all accounts) to be a VSCO girl. I’m only about 50% there but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

So, what are the steps to becoming a VSCO girl? It’s actually pretty simple.

Go to Urban Outfitters. EVERYTHING in UO is VSCO girl. They basically sell Emma Chamberlain’s wardrobe (our lord and savior and originator of the VSCO girl style). My crackpot theory is that a team of people are paid to sit and find out all of the clothes that Emma wears and create copies to sell in their stores.

Also… Brandy Melville. If you can fit into their teensy-tiny one-size-fits-all clothing, then anything you grab from their store will automatically turn you into a VSCO girl.

Buy a Hydro Flask of course. This is something I’m delighted to announce I had bought into at the beginning of last summer. Like prophecy, perhaps I was always destined to be…. a VSCO girl.

Wear oversized t-shirts, and often, no pants.

Get a nice big belt and tie it high and tight around your tiny waist to make up for the fact you are wearing clothes eight times bigger than you.

White and clunky shoes such as the Fila Disruptor are PERFECT. A pair of very used Vans. Or Air Force Ones.

SCRUNCHIES. There must be at least one secured to your wrist at all times.

A puca shell necklace. I am not yet ballsy enough to attempt this but perhaps one day.

I’ve linked everything I’m wearing in the photo above here:

Fila Disruptor II – $64.99

Nirvana T-shirt Dress – $37.00+ (it’s sold out at UO of course)

Pacsun Jeans – $40.00

Hydro Flask in Lilac – $42.95



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